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Vegetables Alone

I’m just back from Italy, and the revelation there was that the vegetable dishes were the most interesting, even though in general they were far from the most laborious or, generally, widely featured—in fact, like here, they’re usually an afterthought.

You’re Almost Never Going to Have Good Coffee Unless You Make It Yourself

I’m here to beg you to make your own coffee when you can. You’ll save money and drink better. I do not have the most discerning palate in the world, but in this little piece, I’m going to try to tell you about the differences I believe matter.

More About Ozempic, Obesity, and the Real Cure

As I’m lucky to be both a friend and a colleague of David Katz, who has more authority in this field than I do, I’m going to provide you with links to a couple of stories he’s written that further amplify the notion that we’re both trying to get across: That calling obesity a ‘disease’ is not only incorrect from a medical perspective, it blames the victim and willfully ignores the causes of this ‘disease.’

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Why Using Ozempic Is Like Putting on a Gas Mask

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it, except that it does nothing to cure the real problem Thursday posts are normally…

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Can Someone Please Explain To Me What the Hell We're Waiting For?

Electric cars and salads and solar power are barely even baby steps. We need to mount the equivalent of a…

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Put Down the Pepper Grinder, Ma'am

Because black pepper should be treated like cloves or cinnamon

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What Is Food?

By upgrading the food system, we upgrade societyAn objective newcomer could observe that we’ve decided that agriculture, food processing, and…

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The Comfort Conundrum

Seeing Kraft’s new mac and cheese box forced me to open a can of worms

Should American Cooks Switch to Metric Measurement?

Mark suggests dumping Imperial measurement while Kerri points out potential challenges Over the course of the pandemic, lots of Americans…

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Why Are People Behaving Like Baby Despots?

Post pandemic, people are as rude to service workers as ever “Why are you making that face? Did I say…

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Knife Skills Are Bulls*it

Same goes for tossing things about in a skillet

What *Actually* Makes a Meal Satisfying?

Taste is only the beginning.Thanks for visiting The Bittman Project, a place where food is everything (or pretty close).The other…

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Epicurious and Eleven Madison Park Take Stands: But How Much Does It Matter?

If only cutting back beef from the American diet were more of a reality. All Things Considered called a few…

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How To Replace Meat

We don’t need fake ‘meat’; there are better solutions. Last weekend Ezra Klein’s New York Times Opinion column focused on the future…

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You Deserve More Than What 'Seaspiracy' Has to Offer

The Netflix documentary is polarizing our discussion about fish As most of you know, I strongly believe in part-time veganism,…

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What Is Food For, Anyway?

Four food-related policies that can improve our health and food supply Thanks for visiting The Bittman Project, a place where…

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Instant Pots Are Terrifying

It’s not my beloved George Foreman grill Even if they are usually gimmicky, I am often fond of contraptions advertised…

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My First Published Article (February 27th, 1980)

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