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Celebrate These Unsung Heroes of Fall Plates

Published October 11, 2021

3 of-the-moment ingredients: Mushrooms, squash, and celery

Fall and spring are mushroom seasons and, as Mark mentioned when The Bittman Project first launched, mushrooms are among the secret ingredients he can’t live without.

So naturally, we’re celebrating the arrival of all things mushrooms with a couple of recipes for you — chicken with mushrooms and creamed mushrooms on toast — but for the latter, you can swap out dairy and swap in beans for a thicker, more nutritious dish. We’re also sharing a pasta with squash and tomatoes (for those end of season tomatoes) that’s a Kate Bittman favorite. For our budget recipe, we have a combination of apples, fennel, and celery: three ingredients that are great at the market right now. Pair it with the mushrooms on toast and you’ve got a delightful little meal.