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Chop House—Including a New Way to “Butcher” Tofu

Published March 27, 2023

If it looks like a chop and eats like a chop—even if it’s not meat—let’s just agree to treat it like a chop

With April on the horizon, the season for smothering chops recedes in the rearview mirror. Since my love for this cut is a year-round thing, now is the time to pivot to the lighter ingredients and techniques that will tide us over until summertime grilling weather kicks in.

Here’s the part where I’m supposed to define what qualifies as a chop, or at least describe the difference between a chop and a steak. I won’t take that bait. Instead, here’s a bundle of recipes to help you cook bone-in or boneless meat—or tofu, fish, or vegetables—in ways that duplicate the best of chop house-style eating.