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Dan Levy’s Big Love Is Food (But Not Cooking!)

Published November 9, 2022

The charming actor on his child’s palate, rooting comedy in truth, and BRUNCH

“Analyzing where I could live in the unscripted television world — it had to be a companion piece to what Schitt’s Creek did. Which is not only, I think, offer hope to people, and a kind of warmth and optimism, but it was also a safe place to spend your time. You knew that it would never get too mean, you knew it was always going to end with a happy ending. You knew that you were safe.”

As you may have noticed, my daughter Kate has been co-hosting the podcast with me a bunch lately; working together has been a joy for both of us and I hope you enjoy the brightness and wisdom she brings to every episode.

Which is about as organic a segue way into today’s episode of Food with Mark Bittman as anyone can hope for. We have with us half of one of the funniest and lovable father and son teams we’ve seen in a long time — maybe ever. Did Eugene and Dan Levy pop into your head immediately? Because if they did, you’re right — the lovely, incomparable Dan Levy is with us — we can hardly believe it either.

I’ve been a fan of Eugene Levy, who’s a contemporary, for as long as he’s been working; I watched Splash with Kate a LOT when she was little. That’s obviously just the tip of the iceberg; the elder Levy has always had such an outstanding presence and gives off such warmth and charm that it’s really no wonder he’s got a son like Dan.

As you probably know, Dan and Eugene starred together on their show, which I’M SURE you’ve watched, Schitt’s Creek, which began in Canada, perhaps even modestly, but then blew up because it was so funny and touching and wonderful, and — as we talk a lot about in this episode — kind. It’s a very loving and generous show.

Dan has of course become a superstar in his own right, and his new unscripted show, The Big Brunch, which focuses on the meal Dan loves best — and the only one he can cook, he says — and which celebrates the chefs in this world who deserve being celebrated, comes out tomorrow on HBO Max.

If for some reason you don’t know Dan Levy, I can’t imagine you won’t want to know him after you listen to this. For those of you who are familiar with his work, he’s as much of a salve as you’d hope.

Please listen and subscribe, and please review on Apple, as it really helps. The recipe featured in today’s episode — Classic Levy Family Egg Salad! — is below.

Thank you, as always. — Mark

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Classic Levy Family Egg Salad


  • Hard-boiled eggs

  • Mayonnaise

  • Salt and pepper

  • Bagel or bread


1. Grate hard-boiled eggs into a mixing bowl

2. Season with salt and pepper, to taste

3. Scoop in mayonnaise, to taste

4. Spread on a bagel or bread, open-faced

— Recipe from ELLE Gourmet

Classic Levy Family Egg Salad
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