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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

Published February 12, 2024

These “truffles” are fruity and never cloying, with limitless adaptations

All photos: Adam Ried

In the parlance of my adopted home Boston, I have a “wicked sweet tooth.” The need for sweet pounces at night, and no simple piece of fresh fruit beats it back (though grapes and pineapple stand the strongest chance). So, I often quell it with a few squares of chocolate or by baking a couple of cookies, the dough for which my freezer is rarely without. Satisfying? Yes. Nutritionally prudent? Not so much.

Years ago I tried shifting to dried fruit instead. Less fat and processed sugar; more fiber and nutrients … good on me. But it got dull after a while. Then I upped the ante by grinding dried fruit in the food processor, adding complimentary flavors, and rolling them into “truffles” (a vaguely pretentious way to say “dried fruit balls,” which is just as accurate). These have passed the test of time.