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Food with Mark Bittman: Annie Lowrey

Published July 3, 2024

Photo courtesy Annie Lowrey

Atlantic staff writer Annie Lowrey‘s recent piece, “The Truth About Organic Milk,” is fantastic. We’re thrilled that she joined us on Food to talk about it.

Although there are many advantages to organic milk (and organic food in general), there are so many pitfalls, so much going wrong — both intentionally and not — that it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about it. (Which I’m sure explains, at least in part, the surge in non-dairy milks.) There’s the question of whether it’s even moral to keep cows in an almost permanent state of lactation, and the even one question of how dairy cows — organic or not — are treated in general. 

Annie gets to all of this, and although it’s disturbing, these are the right questions to be asking, and they make you realize that our whole way of eating and of relating to animals must be (and is being) carefully examined. What will it all look like in a hundred years? Different.

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