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Food with Mark Bittman: Bill McKibben

Published April 17, 2024

Earth Day with a true Earth warrior

Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt

I have had the honor of interviewing Bill McKibben several times over the years — on stages, on television, on Zooms — and his message has been, in one way, unwavering, and in another, evolving.

The first of those messages has always been that human activity, mostly involving fossil fuel, is cooking the planet. The evidence for that has become stronger with each passing year, and you’ll hear us discuss that.

Bill has long been at the forefront of that fight. He wrote the groundbreaking End of Nature in 1989, sounding a clarion call in the struggle. Uncontent to remain an author and teacher, he founded and led for many years, 350.org, an activist organization that led tens of thousands of events and protests and marches over the following years.

Bill’s led a variety of different related movements, and most recently founded Third Act, a group encouraging senior citizens to get involved in the climate and other movements. We talk about all of these things, and as usual Bill has an extraordinary way of making the complex seem simple. It’ll be worth it for you.

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