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Happy Birthday to Our Bread Baby

Published January 12, 2023

A year after publishing Bittman Bread, let’s check in on our starters, troubleshoot questions, and share new whole grain baking ideas

We’re still at it. Almost five years after we began work on Bittman Bread, armed with our trusty whole wheat, naturally fermented starters (the ones that live in the fridge) we’re both baking something at least once a week. Maybe you’ve been using the book too, and have participated in this community discussion or one of the other bread-related conversations. (Apparently many of you have, based on everything you’ve posted on Instagram to #bittmanbread.) Or perhaps you’re thinking about trying your hand at whole grain baking for the first time. Either way, consider this post an invitation.

The importance of eating whole grains has been confirmed once again with a study that was picked up by the New York Times, among others. We are True Believers in this as much as in anything else—after all, the difference between whole grain bread and white bread, nutritionally, is the difference between a cookie and a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal—and we know among the best ways to get whole grains into your diet is to bake with them. To encourage that, we’re opening up a fresh comment thread attached to this post and we’ll be monitoring it.