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Here's What Some Really Fascinating People Like To Eat

Published August 4, 2020


You know the term “beach read?” It actually has a kind of interesting history (check out this New Yorker piece); even though there’s no real consensus about what it actually means, the gist is roughly that “beach reading” or “summer reading” tends to be engaging, light, breezy, pleasurable, not too much work, maybe even a little escapist.

Not that the recipes and articles we usually publish here are particularly taxing, but I thought that since we’re now officially in the dog days, it might be nice to offer up a food-writing equivalent of a beach read, or at least something bordering on entertainment. Over at Heated we’ve amassed a nice little collection of columns we more or less call “What I Eat,” the goal of which is to find interesting people and ask them to write or talk about just that (or whatever else comes to mind). The ones below are my favorites (I also threw in the one I wrote for the hell of it, but am not pretending that it’s revelatory in any way).

Here’s who we’ve got: Danny DeVito (a legend), chef/writer Carla Hall (one of the nicest, most genuine people I know), Marcus Samuelsson (a great chef doing really important things), Samantha Irby (hilarious writer, does not mince words), Nikita Richardson (great young food writer), and Charles Allie (the fastest “old guy” in the world, and a total hero of mine). Just click on the photos below to get to the ones you want.

They’re fun, often enlightening and totally worth a read. (Whether or not you do that at the beach or not is entirely up to you.) See you Friday.