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Here's What We Learned From You in Burgerville

Published September 21, 2021


Plus, a free collection of veggie burger recipes

We sourced the crowd, and the crowd has spoken. Back in May, as you may recall, when The Bittman Project announced our summertime group recipe brainstorm — where we called for your ideas on building an easy meatless burger for summertime grilling — we had some preconceived notions, based on the crazy popularity of plant-based meat alternatives. 

The community shattered a lot of them. So first and foremost, thank you for your participation, enthusiasm, and candor. What follows are the answers to your burning questions — and a mini-cookbook of vegan and vegetarian burger recipes. On the audio above, we also have Mark and Kerri talking about the origins of Burgerville and some surprising findings. Read on for more.