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How To Wake Up Cabbage

Published April 15, 2021

Super-cheap dinner (or snack) #8

We’re going to make subscribing to The Bittman Project worth it, in part by offering super-cheap, super-delicious recipes you’ll want to cook. The idea is that we’ll post one ultra-budget-friendly recipe each week for subscribers only. While this can’t ever be more than back-of-the-napkin math (“affordable” is subjective), we figure that cooking your way through these recipes over the course of the year will more than offset the cost of an annual subscription, which amounts to about $1.35 per week. 

Thai-Style Cabbage

Cabbage is perhaps the most underrated yet versatile vegetable. I’m guessing you’ll agree with me when you polish off this addictive raw salad that’s especially good if you let it sit for a bit.