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If You Care About Food (And Democracy), Today Matters

Published November 3, 2020

Many of you probably saw our screed on Friday. We thought it was necessary; some have called it bold and, indeed, we were a little worried that we’d lose subscribers and followers as a result. But if USA Today can endorse a candidate for the first time, so can we. Besides, this is the seventeenth presidential election I’ve lived through, and it’s the most important.

In the end, although some people decided to unsubscribe from this newsletter, the number was way fewer than we feared, and we also got a handful of new subscribers (thank you and welcome!). On Instagram, we gained more followers than we lost. Turns out this not only wasn’t that bold, but may have even been unintentionally clever marketing.

Look, we are about food, and primarily cooking. But we also pride ourselves in saying what we believe, and as I’ve said a hundred times, you can’t care about food without caring about health, justice, fairness, and the environment. Donald Trump, a famous fast food maven, cares nothing about those four things. Even his ever-decreasing number of supporters couldn’t seriously argue that he does. He cares about power for white men; “the economy,” which means the stock market and his own properties, neither of which benefits the average person living in America; profits for himself and his friends, which means more ravaging of the landscape and exploitation of those people who can least afford to be exploited; and super-duper health care—for the rich.

Joe Biden may not have been your number one or even number four choice among primary Democrats. (He wasn’t mine.) But he is a not-bad guy who appears to be capable of learning from his mistakes, he can be pushed in the right direction, he’s WAY better than the alternative, and he had the wisdom to make Kamala Harris his running mate, which sets us up nicely for a good ticket in 2024.

For progress to happen, this country must be run by the majority of people who live in it: That means women, African Americans, people of color, Indigenous people, and yes, even men, even white men. But not rich racist white men like Donald Trump.

Get out there and vote, people, and vote for Biden/Harris (and Democratic candidates for Congress), and we’ll celebrate with some awesome cooking.

In solidarity, in working for a better, more just country and world, and with love and respect –


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