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I'm Launching a New Podcast!

Published May 19, 2021

And I need your help

Some news that I’m very excited about: My podcast, “Food with Mark Bittman,” will launch on Airwave Media on May 24, 2021. My first guest will be the wonderful Nigella Lawson. A bit about the podcast below, but if I could be so bold as to ask two favors of you:

1. Head here on Apple Podcasts: Subscribe, download the trailer, and give the show a 5-star review. Those are the big asks. You doing this will help us get off to a good start by raising the show’s ranking on Apple. 

2. We’re going to be including live listener Q&As — think of “Car Talk” for food. If you have any food-related questions — not just about cooking, but anything, from your toddler’s diet to the kind of soy sauce you should be buying to the environmental impact of your cappuccino — you can ask me and my food-obsessed colleagues. Just dial our brand new listener call-in number (833-FOODPOD, that’s 833 366 3763) and leave a message with your name, your question, and your email address. Say it carefully, please, so we don’t mess up. We’ll listen to your messages daily and pick our favorites. If we love your question, we’ll email you and set up a time to talk.

Now, about “Food with Mark Bittman.” My goal with this podcast is not a complicated one. I want to bring a fresh perspective to both food enthusiasts and general audiences. And I want to pair my knowledge of food — ranging from simple cooking to an understanding of the intricacies of policy and agriculture — with what I hope is a good ability to explain it in a way people can relate to. Guests will include celebrities, cooks, chefs, farmers, activists, policymakers, and food-lovers in general, ranging from kids to grandmas. “Food” will be fun and enjoyable, but serious and informative too.

Since I know you’re wondering: We’ve got an exciting group of guests lined up, including Ted Danson, Adrian E. Miller, Jane Goodall, Tom Colicchio, Moby, Carla Hall, Dawn Davis, Raj Patel, and Eric Ripert. Listen in. Call in. And join us on this new endeavor. — Mark