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Just Add Miso (as a General Rule)

Published April 3, 2023

To your eggs, to your chicken, to your hummus, to your pasta sauce

I love seeing the brilliant ideas my colleagues — and other recipe developers not related to the Bittman Project — come up with. I’ve been amazed by them over and over. Kerri’s Savory Tofu Sundae. Holly’s Maximalist Niçoise (gloriously customizable). Forever Soup a la Mark

I promise I’m not putting myself down when I say that I’m pretty far away from this talented bunch when it comes to being creative in the kitchen. But I like to think that I’ve gotten a bit further along on my journey from where I was in 2004, living in a one-bedroom-converted-to-two on Christopher Street, with a kitchen the size of a (small) bathroom, panicking about how to time multiple dishes for dinner. (The answer: Only cook one thing, then serve it with bread or rice and salad. Never worry about timing again!)