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Just Call Me Freezer, M.D.

Published May 9, 2022

Great results from a deep dive

Nick recently returned to us after a long Covid isolation. There have been multiple articles written about what the hell people who live in apartments (namely in NYC) are supposed to do when a family member tests positive. Masking around each other feels so sad, but in some situations, it’s necessary. What about the light switches? What I thought about most, perhaps, was the toothpaste. If you share a toothpaste tube with someone, how do you not share everything?

We were lucky enough to have the resources to send Nick away (hotel points = many free nights; Mark and Kathleen leaving for a trip = empty house roughly an hour away) so we could all be comfortable and push along. And, somehow, Holden and I stayed negative. (And he stayed in school!!! Such a win.)