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Just Do It

Published June 1, 2022

Kimchi scrambled eggs

We’re starting a new, tiny column: It’s called “Just Do It,” and our goal is to give you smart ideas — some guidance when you don’t know what to do with things you most likely have. Nothing will be complicated, most or all things will probably not have a formal recipe, and everything will be quick with minimal ingredients. (Is the name “The Minimalist” taken?)

I am strangely specific about what I eat for breakfast each day. Maybe it’s because breakfast happens so soon after I wake up, but things either really appeal or really do not in a way that is not as intense as the rest of the day. (It’s like being pregnant, I swear.) A week or so ago, I ate Lucky Charms every morning for a week — yes, I’m serious, I’m sorry. Some mornings only an English muffin with melted cheddar, garlic powder, and coarse salt will do. Bagels definitely make appearances, though usually on the weekends. And very rarely — but it happens — I want scrambled eggs.