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Let Me Tell You About the Colombian Power Breakfast

Published December 22, 2021

Pair it with a book

I love a multicourse breakfast alone on a quiet morning. I get up early and make myself one a few times a week. It’s a lost ritual — eating a big breakfast — in this busy culture, but it’s worth making time for, especially for those working from home now. Why not front-load pleasure with a decadent meal first thing?

I, for one, wake up ravenous and I’d be starving by 10 a.m. if I tried to get by on coffee; I got used to doing this when I was about 20. I was floundering at a dead-end dishwashing job in Philadelphia with no plans for college or a career in the kitchen. In the winter, I decided to fly toward the equator to burn off the fog in my brain. I stayed with my most regimented uncle, Luis, in Bogota, where big early breakfasts are common and, among the Colombian side of my family, associated with strength and discipline.