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Meet My New Favorite Sauce

Published February 14, 2022

Plus, some season-bridging recipes for this weird in-between time

I got some beautiful albacore tuna in the mail the other day (thanks to my Sitka Salmon share, which has become a must-have in my home), and I wanted to cook it super simply, with a delicious dipping or drizzling sauce. I looked through my copy of How to Cook Everything (yes, of course), and found one that incorporated two of my ultimates: Tahini Soy Sauce. It wasn’t a combo I was familiar with, but let me tell you: I would put this sauce on just about everything. I’m so excited to share it with you.

After that, I made a cheater risotto and a big salad that could be made even more dinner-friendly by adding your choice of protein on top; plus, a spinach soup that’s simple but really nice — and perhaps a good vehicle for some homemade croutons? A nice, fresh bunch for you this week. Apologies for my crappy tuna photo — I was super hungry and didn’t realize how bad it looked ‘til after I got over that.