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Meticulously Making My Way Through Some Great Recipes

Published August 14, 2023

Going big in the kitchen via renewed inspiration and lovely cookbooks

I was in Truro for the entire month of July and into early August, and it’s possibly my favorite place in the world, but the food options are pretty scarce. (Believe me, were it up to me I’d eat fried clams at least once a day, but my wallet and my stomach are vehemently anti.) There’s an okay farmstand with some grocery items not too far from us, and then a Stop & Shop 20 minutes north in P-town, but it’s pretty hard to get good fruits and vegetables. So we did some meal planning, we did some restaurants, we grilled a lot. We made do, and ate pretty well. But clearly we’re spoiled by the convenience of the city.

When we got back from Truro, I got sick with food poisoning (or maybe a stomach bug, who knows) and didn’t eat for a few days, so now I am extremely interested in cooking, and cooking things that feel exciting because they’re new to me. (This is the opposite of my norm, which involves going to the butcher, getting some chicken thighs, rubbing them with salt and pepper and olive oil, roasting them, and eating them with broccoli, also roasted, and a loaf of bread with my boys.)