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My Interview With Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Published April 28, 2020

Okay, I can’t help myself. I recently found out that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have my books and like my recipes. I’m proud and flattered whenever I find this out about anyone, but Ferris Bueller and the legendary SJP? Come on!

So, I reached out to them to see if they’d chat with me about what they like to cook, especially in this crazy time that we’re now in. They couldn’t have been cooler or more generous with their time, and we ended up talking about everything from cooking under quarantine, to our mutual love of rice and beans, to how to get into baking bread, to how you cook and eat when you’re in a play every night. (I also couldn’t help but ask Matthew about Ferris Bueller; he and that movie mean so much to me and my daughters.)

Anyway, I thought this was a really fun conversation, and a welcome distraction from everything else that’s going on, so I wanted to share it here with you. Hope it’s entertaining. See you Friday.


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