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No Fake Meat Required

Published February 7, 2024

Plus, Mavis-Jay Sanders is today’s guest on Food with Mark Bittman

Photo: Mark Bittman

I was really excited when ​Mavis-Jay Sanders​ agreed to join us on Food with Mark Bittman. She’s been a chef and food activist in the city for a while now, and her influence and wisdom only continues to rise.

Mavis-Jay Sanders. Photo: Photo: Janet S. Kim

Mavis-Jay started cooking at a very young age — like, seven — with her grandma, “the church cake lady.” As the years passed and cooking became a safe haven for her, Mavis-Jay got formal chef training and began spending more time in the food industry — much of it at upscale restaurants — and became acutely aware of the many injustices in the food world. As you’ll hear, this led her to make a big adjustment with regards to which aspects of food she was most focused on.