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Cooking for One: Mushroom Minimalist

If you’re like me, you use the dried mushrooms in your pantry occasionally – in pasta sauces, stews, omelets and frittatas, mixed with fresh mushrooms. But what about the classic global tradition of mushrooms on toast? Turns out you don’t need fresh mushrooms for this satisfying meal.

No Fake Meat Required

But it’s equally true that you can make a terrific-tasting burger substitute pretty quickly, without “pea protein” or “heem” (the secret ingredient in ​Impossible Burgers​ that mimics blood), and that people have been doing so for years. We have dozens of such recipes in our books, especially ​How to Cook Everything Vegetarian​ and ​Dinner for Everyone​, with main ingredients ranging from ​oats​ to ​beans​. This one’s among my favorites.

My New Pasta Obsession, Perfect for One

This is lunch or dinner for one, although obviously you can make a larger portion. If you like slow-cooked onions, if you have leftover (good, preferably whole-grain) bread, and if you’re wondering how you can get a craveable dish with whole-wheat pasta, this is your baby.

Making Polenta Does Not Need to Be a Big Deal

Of all the dishes that are supposed to be challenging to make, polenta is perhaps the most misunderstood and the easiest. It does take a while to cook, yes, but there’s nothing difficult about it, especially if you make a slurry of cornmeal and water to start.

Looking to a New Year

New Year’s Eve, after midnight, as I was literally prancing around the main Piazza of Pienza – a Tuscan hilltop town – with 1000 other like-minded and mostly drunk people in front of a ten-foot-high roaring bonfire, I was of two minds.

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This Week’s Marksisms

It’s been a week or so, but I’m back. I hope you’ve enjoyed the new site so far — we’re pretty thrilled with how it’s working out, and there’s much more to come. (Eventually, I’d love it if every single one of our recipes lived on this site.) Feedback always welcome. Today’s Marksisms, right this way.

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Vietnamese Cooking in America Comes Full Circle

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The Choreography of Cooking

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Junghyun "JP" Park: How to Eat Korean Food

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Changing Lunch Options, One School at a Time

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The Lives Behind Your Meal

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Jacques Pépin: The Best Home Cook Ever

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Edward Lee and Lindsey Ofcacek on the Great Potential of a Nonprofit Restaurant

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Klancy Miller on the Positive Changes in the Food World

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Food: The 1960s vs. Now, with Michael F. Jacobson

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Outstanding Vegan Sushi Should Not Be an Aberration

Plus: Visiting with Abi Balingit and Holly Haines, one defense of carnivorism, and the actual value of being “P.C.” This…

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Talking Junk with Chris van Tulleken

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