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The Only Thing to Listen to While You're Cooking

Published November 23, 2022

The warmest people talking about the warmest things

“That fusion between family and food, for me — it’s just so ingrained in my brain now, that I could just rest and meditate there and feel such joy and gratitude.” — Senator Cory Booker

We hope you joined us for last week’s episode of Food with Mark Bittman, which was Thanksgiving Part One — we chatted about the holiday, we brought in some of our beloved past guests and talked about memories, traditions, and of course, cooking. We talked with Tom Colicchio, Stephen Satterfield, Sheldon Simeon, and Nigella Lawson.

For today’s episode, Thanksgiving Part Two, we have another great crew: Senator Cory Booker, Adrienne Cheatham, and Emily and Marvette Meggett — plus a very special, very silly guest, Sesame Street’s Gonger. Listen while you’re cooking!

If you’re celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, jam-packed with the things you love the most.

Thank you, and love from all of us.

— Mark

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