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The "Secret" Ingredients We Can't Live Without

Published February 11, 2021


Our core team jumped on a Zoom recently with a few of our friends and contributors — Samantha Irby and her partner, Kirsten Jennings, Kayla Stewart, and Holly Haines — to gush about our favorite secret ingredients, why we love them, and what we do with them.  We want you to be involved in this, too: In tomorrow’s discussion thread, we’ll be asking you to reveal your favorite “secret” ingredients. It’ll all be explained in the email you get tomorrow, and I’ll be live in the thread from 12 pm to 2 pm ET.

We pulled out a few tasty bits from our conversation below (sorry about the audio quality; Zoom has its limits). Take a listen—we had a lot of fun, and I think this will get your juices flowing for tomorrow.