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What's Your Vision for the Perfect Veggie Burger?

Published August 18, 2021

Last call for feedback and ideas!

We’re flying through summer—and your excellent feedback on our quest for The Best Meatless Burger—one that is vegan, grillable, and easy-to-make ahead of time or on-the-fly from pantry ingredients. To everyone who has participated so far, thank you for sharing so many ideas, comments, and recipes. Now let’s put a bow on that bun.

For anyone just joining us, back in May, we announced The Bittman Project’s first crowd-sourcing recipe experiment, an adventure we dubbed Burgerville. We included two baseline patties — one grillable, one for cooking in a pan — along with suggestions for how to participate. Since then there we hosted a community conversation, posted a mid-summer update, and we’ve been collecting your thoughts here, on social media, and via email.