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When Recipes Speak to You

Published October 3, 2022

Here’s what I’m excited to cook from Mark’s new book

So maybe everyone does this, BUT, every time I get a new cookbook, I go through it, cover to cover, and take mental note of the things that are absolutely imperative that I make. For me, it’s a know-it-when-you-see-it combination of ingredients and feels like a very personal experience, yet it’s tailored to the masses, so I’m never not in awe of the people who come up with these ideas and recipes — it’s such a talent.

I do this with Mark’s new books, too, and his books tend to be even more exciting, for obvious reasons. I got my copy of the revised and updated How to Cook Everything Fast a couple of weeks ago, did my thing, and I’m going to share here the recipes I’m most pumped to make — actually, I already did make one of them. I’m guessing they won’t feel as “tailored” to you as they do to me since this is a HIGHLY CURATED selection, but hopefully you’ll enjoy and you can look through the book and find your own recipe joy.