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When You Just Need to Eat Something Delicious

Published July 25, 2022

Some super tasty favorites

Nick and Holden and I arrived on Cape Cod a couple weeks ago; Mark arrived a week after that and immediately, thankfully, took over the cooking duties. I’m in a fuss — as our friends Brad and Caroline say — some days more than others, with the constant flow of worldly bad news. The struggle has abated somewhat since I quit the news altogether (and since we’ve parked ourselves in such a gorgeous place), something that’s really not in my nature but has been good for me.

My point here is that cooking, something that I normally look forward to and enjoy, has felt somewhat arduous. Actually, I guess it’s not so much the cooking, but the brain power figuring out what to make requires — I’m not good at not overthinking it (or anything, in general!).