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Absolute Shocker: Cold Soups Can Actually Be Good

Published May 15, 2023

A not insignificant turning point in my culinary journey

When I was little, as soon as it got warm out, without fail, my mom and dad would make a big deal out of making and eating blueberry soup. “Time for blueberry soup!” I remember their utter excitement. I thought the soup was gross. Sweet and cold, with some spice or other that I didn’t think jived with it, I think it was actually cinnamon — just everything I thought a soup should not be. 

Between that blueberry nightmare and a cucumber soup that my parents also liked, which relied too heavily on yogurt, my view on cold soups was tarnished. I steered clear. That is, I did until I was in my late teens and we started going to restaurants owned by Ignacio Blanco. Back then, he owned Maison Galicia and Pika Tapas, both in Connecticut, and maybe one other; now, he owns Ibiza Kitchen, in Chappaqua, NY.