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Books, But Not Just for Cooks

Published December 16, 2022

What we’ve read, loved, and cooked from this year

Unsurprisingly, everyone on our team loves to read. And we’re readers who love recommendations, as most readers do. So we’ve compiled some of our favorite books from this year — both food-related and non, some current, some not — in hopes that we can inspire you in your last minute gifting, or, even better, that you find something that you love. We’d love your recommendations in the comments, please — let’s start a book club! (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Books we’ve loved are below, and we also want to give a last bit of love to some of our friends who sell things: Burlap and Barrel for the best spices; Sitka Salmon for wild-caught, traceable seafood; Mr. Espresso for Mark’s favorite coffee; New West KnifeWorks for ridiculously beautiful kitchen knives; Masienda for all your tortilla needs; From Our Place for pretty, purposeful cookware; and Made In Cookware for a wok that Mark loves (plus plenty of other useful items).