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Dr. David Katz Weighs in on the Body Wars — and Ozempic

Published June 7, 2023

Plus: Anti-democracy as a catch-all, a pretty perfect (10-minute!) meal, and PEONIES

Today on Food, Kate and I are joined by my friend Dr. David Katz, who is among the earliest public health professionals to come to the conclusion that food and climate and nutrition and health in general and wellbeing in general are all tied together. He has a special interest in public health and personal nutrition, and is among the most open and intelligent people on that subject. (David and I also wrote a book together called How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered, which had the not unusual misfortune of coming out just about the day Covid started.)

David and Kate and I talked about why it’s important to address a loved one’s weight from the heart, when and how pharmacotherapy should be employed, and, yes, Ozempic. We also have an easy, lovely recipe from David — Simple Cipollini Onions — which you can find here. Marksisms below!

This Week’s Marksisms

A Very Useful Catch-All

This WaPo piece about protesters targeting Target (ha, ha) over their marketing of LGBTG+ items for Pride Month (and Target’s greenhushed response) was interesting (and depressing) on many levels. But the absolute best part was this paragraph (emphasis is mine):

“It’s not like any of this is all that unpredictable,” said Lindsay Schubiner, who studies violent movements for the Western States Center, an anti-extremism watchdog. “We don’t always know exactly where these sort of anti-democracy actors are going to point to next, but the increase in threats and harassment from anti-democracy movements in the U.S. has become so frequent that this is something that absolutely just needs to be planned for.”

Maybe I’m ill-read, though I don’t think so, but the group term “anti-democracy” is new to me, and it really works as a broad description for people who are, if I might generalize, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and non-normative phobic. I suppose I could add sexist, anti-choice, poor-phobic in general, and anti-gun control (and even “pro-Trump”) to that list but it might be a stretch. Or not. The list could even be expanded, but the point is that “anti-democracy” should catch on as a catch-all.

Tofu Not Tofu

This is what you get if you search the Walmart website for “tofu.” Note that none is actually tofu.

The content below was originally paywalled.

A Yearly Extravaganza

And this is what you get when you grow peonies:

Enough to make you cry, no?

Simple, Kinda Perfect

Kathleen brought home (among other things), scallops, asparagus, and sprouts (sunflower, I think) from the farmer’s market the other day. This took 10 minutes, plus time to boil the water:

Recipe: Poach asparagus lightly; sear scallops with a film of olive oil; assemble on plate with sprouts and vinaigrette.

Not bad.

More NBA Thoughts

Finally: I have not had as much fun watching a victory, however slim, as that by the Heat in last night’s game (I’m writing on Monday) in Denver. As soon as the Nuggets won game one handily, 90 percent of the sports press assumed the series was over. Maybe it only goes five games, and they were all right. I would be shocked if the Heat don’t win at least one more, and delighted to see this go seven.