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How I Learned To Cook

Published May 6, 2021

Five questions for Dr. Eve L. Ewing: our debut column on cooking journeys

I’m fascinated by cooking journeys: Everyone’s is so different; everyone comes to cooking in their own unique way. Maybe you learned with a parent — or maybe you learned because your parents weren’t around much and you had to fend for yourself. Maybe you learned in order to impress a potential partner. Maybe you’re just an overachiever. So, in an effort to quench my curiosity, we’ve decided to start a new series. Each person in the series will answer the same five questions and in the process tell a little about themselves. We hope you enjoy this, our inaugural Q&A, with the incredibly inspiring Dr. Eve L. Ewing. She’s warm, brilliant, and charming, and we’re happy to share her journey with you!

Keep Eve in mind for tomorrow’s discussion at 3 p.m. EST during which we’ll be talking about how we’ve learned to cook: We’ll talk about gateway recipes, cooking mentors (IRL or in cookbooks), and those aha!-moments when we realized we’ve got this. Really, it’s a discussion in which anything you’d like to bring to the table in terms of what has shaped your cooking journey is fair game.