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Moms are the Bombs

Published April 20, 2023

Some things we love, to gift to those you love

Huge apologies to my mom, but here’s a confession: I never cared about Mother’s Day until I had a kid of my own. These are the kinds of injustices you suffer as a mom. And the reason I care so much about Mother’s Day now is not the presents or forced love or any of that — it’s the time I get to myself. It’s in short supply the rest of the year — not a bad thing, because it’s awesome to be loved — but this is one day I can count on. The boys go out, I make a big mess out of the bed covers and artfully arrange my pillows and proceed to read whatever trash I want, most likely with a glass of wine or two.

Not that I don’t like presents, and I already sent Nick a hint. Maybe it’s even below, in our Mother’s Day gift guide! See if you can guess.