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Support Anti-Racist Food and Farming Organizations

Published June 5, 2020

For today’s newsletter, we’re sharing a list of anti-racist food and farming organizations that everyone should be supporting.

I have have worked most closely with The HEAL Food Alliance, and I get loads of inspiration and wisdom from Karen Washington at Rise and Root Farm and Leah Penniman at Soul Fire Farm. Some others doing critically important work are the Black Farmer Fund, The Fertile Ground Project, the Association of American Indian Farmers, Farm School NYC, El Departamento de la Comida, Just Food, Indigenous Seedkeepers Network, Black Dirt Farm Collective, Growing Power, Food First, Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance. There’s also a wonderful and far more comprehensive list over at Civil Eats.

If you ever want to see a just society, this is a moment to become inspired and to hold that inspiration for a lifetime, to start working now — if you haven’t already — and never stop.


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