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The Most Versatile Food of All Time

Published March 6, 2023

Soft-boiled, hard-boiled, fried, in a hole, scrambled, yellow, white, green

Have you ever had a soft-boiled egg?! I have, but not many, and I certainly never appreciated them enough before. But I got into a conversation with my friend Andrea after I wrote about salads, and we talked about what toppings we liked, and she brought up the soft-boiled egg, and I tried it, and my mind was blown. The egg pictured above was cooked in gently boiling water for six minutes, run under cold water, peeled, and chopped onto my salad, where the yolk ran just enough onto the greens to give it all a luxe feel. (By the way, the bowl is Mark’s and my new favorite.)

It’s hard to think of a food that’s more versatile than the egg — and I’d venture to say that almost everyone has some specific memory around an egg dish. It’s delicious in its simplest forms (hard boiled or fried–even soft-boiled–with nothing but salt and maybe pepper), and it’s filling — a super satisfying snack when you need a quick fix.