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This “Condiment” Is Wildly Good — And Wildy Underused

Published February 15, 2024

Roasted garlic can and should be added to basically everything

Photo: Aya Brackett

Before we get started: Don’t miss this week’s episode of ​Food with Mark Bittman​! Mark and I talked to the hilarious and brilliant ​Greg D’Alesandre​, Chief Sourcerer for ​Dandelion Chocolate​, about why there’s massive volatility in the cocoa market right now, what sustainable and fair sourcing actually means in the cocoa industry, and how and why people should think about chocolate differently. (Also: Find Dandelion Chocolate’s Maybe the Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ​here​.)

Like many cooks, I have a running list of things I want to make. Things I’ve never made before, like this savory stir-fry sundae. Things I’ve made multiple times and think about on a regular basis, like this tortilla soup. Things that feel slightly intimidating, like Holly’s whole lemon torte, but that look so dreamy that I’ll end up making anyway, moving hesitantly away from my comfort zone.