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To Know Tim Ryan is to Love Tim Ryan

Published May 24, 2023

Plus: No-name pasta, eye rolling sell-by dates, and my NBA wrap-up

Today’s guest on Food, former Ohio congressman and Senatorial candidate Tim Ryan, is sorta like how you’d picture the popular kid in high school, but the popular kid who wasn’t the bully. He’s had an interesting life, and is still quite young, so I’m excited to see what happens. He grew up Catholic (and has very thoughtful things to say about that) and played high school football as quarterback — again, the popular kid! He was meant to keep playing in college, but was derailed — by a knee injury, of course. Basically went into politics instead; the youngest Congressman of his generation.

I’m sort of heartbroken that Tim’s not in the Senate, because he would have been terrific — but we can hope that will happen someday. My feeling is that if you know Tim, you love him, and I’m excited for you to hear this conversation. And: Marksisms below.

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