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What's The Gift That Keeps On Giving? Cookbooks

Published December 15, 2020

Here are our favorites right now

Here’s some news that might shock you: I really like cookbooks. Having them around, leafing through them, getting lost in them, cooking from them, sharing them, even writing them; they’re pretty damn pleasurable IMHO. And they also happen to make really good gifts, mostly because they’re a good (and pretty personal) way to show people that you like them, but also because they’re a sneaky way to ensure that whenever you visit their homes there will probably be something good to eat. (Selfless, I know.)

Kate (part of our team, also my daughter, also a total book fiend) spent the past few months sifting through stacks of cookbooks that have come out recently (and a couple not so recently), and has come up with a shortlist of her favorites. She says, “it’s a wide variety, and you should be able to find something for almost every type of cook,” which I think is true. Just remember, the only way to truly guarantee that the recipient will love the gift is if the recipient is you; if there’s ever a year to buy yourself a present (or eight), it’s this one. You deserve it. Here’s Kate …