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Food as Comic Relief, with Calvin Trillin

Plus: Tofu impromptu, zucchini “junk food,” and the first cookbook I ever bought This Week’s Marksisms Food with Mark Bittman:…

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My Most Important Project Yet

Plus: Dishing with the Sesame Street monsters, the good kind of summer rain, and the best daily chore This Week’s…

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Chris Morocco: What is a Recipe and What is a Template?

Plus: Grilled eggplant Parmesan, a very scary book, and why I’m anti-Caprese This Week’s Marksisms Food with Mark Bittman: Chris…

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Bill McKibben: There is So Much We Can Be Doing

Plus: “climate-friendly” beef, my Mike Pence obsession, and yet another reason to avoid Starbucks This Week’s Marksisms Food with Mark…

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Bow Down: It's Dessert Queen Abi Balingit

Plus: How we should be thinking about food waste, on-the-spot vegan pancakes, and one of my favorite Marcella Hazan recipes…

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Lalo García is the Definition of a Maverick

Plus: Unbreaking ultraprocessed foods, eating bread instead of rice, and why you should give your CSA serious love This Week’s…

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Al Roker is a Total Ray of Sunshine

Plus: Blame the food industry, don’t guilt-trip eaters; why we can’t give up; and entertainment I enjoyed This Week’s Marksisms…

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Nasim Alikhani is the Queen of Layers

Plus: A week of zero cooking, zero dark Alaska, and an encouraging observation This Week’s Marksisms Food with Mark Bittman:…

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How Niki Segnit Taught Herself to Be a Flavor Genius

Plus: Saffron water, greens vs. cheeseburgers, and the death of a legend In his book, The Debt to Pleasure, John…

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Ed and Ryan Mitchell and a Pure Labor of Love

Plus: Figuring out weight gain once and for all, veal of the sea, and John Wick 4 Since I work…

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Dr. David Katz Weighs in on the Body Wars — and Ozempic

Plus: Anti-democracy as a catch-all, a pretty perfect (10-minute!) meal, and PEONIES Today on Food, Kate and I are joined…

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Kwame Onwuachi: Selling Candy on the Subway

Plus: the right way to suppli, when “other people’s food” becomes tiring, and unsolicited praise A year ago — almost…

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To Know Tim Ryan is to Love Tim Ryan

Plus: No-name pasta, eye rolling sell-by dates, and my NBA wrap-up Today’s guest on Food, former Ohio congressman and Senatorial…

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Samantha Irby Does Not Enjoy Thinking Too Deeply

Plus: One of Mark’s favorite pastas, an all-out assault on Big Food, and tough but really good TV She talks…

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Margaret Cho Was Raised a Forager

Plus: an extraordinary award, the dinner to end all dinners, and appliances that are actually worth it We’re doing something…

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Senator Michael Bennet Learned to Cook During Covid, Too

Plus: Three new mini recipes, Girl Scout cookies are evil, and the awesome combo of Viola Davis + Matt Damon…

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Manu Buffara Once Accidentally Fermented Her Clothing

Plus: Bud Light’s cowardice; I can’t stop cooking; and my refrigerator, exposed Manu Buffara, today’s guest on Food is, unequivocally, what you would…

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Walking the Earth Day Walk: Jane Goodall and Lauren Sweeney

Plus: home-alone fish and peppers, a great mess of greens, and an absolutely outstanding cookbook Hello, Wednesday pals! Earth Day,…

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