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Junghyun "JP" Park: How to Eat Korean Food

Published October 25, 2023

Plus: JP’s kimchi mandu, how discoveries happen, and FOOTBALL

Food with Mark Bittman: Junghyun “JP” Park

I’m personally so thrilled to have JP Park with us on Food this week. He’s the chef at a number of NYC restaurants now — notably Atoboy and Naro — and his food is really special. So when I found out that he was coming out with a book — called, simply, The Korean Cookbook, and cowritten with the culinary researcher and longtime friend of JP’s, Jungyoon Choi, I couldn’t wait to see it. 

I said this to JP: I feel like I’ve been waiting for a cookbook like this one for a really long time—a comprehensive Korean cookbook that leaves no stone unturned. With this book you’ll learn all about rice (bap), about the abundant vegetables of Korea, about banchan and how best to eat it—do you know how wonderful it is to get a big bowl of rice and put your choice of banchan and condiments in there? As JP told me, it’s like your own personal bibimbap. Heaven. (Yes, I love Korean food.)

JP was born and raised in Korea; he’s worked in England and Australia and France, and was once interested in and was cooking French food—but, lucky for us, he decided that he wanted to go back to his roots, to hansik, which is Korean cuisine. His love of his food is infectious. You’ll see—here he is, with me and Kate, and you can find his recipes for Napa Cabbage Kimchi and Kimchi Mandu here.

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This Week’s Marksisms

How Do Discoveries Happen?

Nothing from me about cooking this week, but here’s a great piece from Experimental History (I don’t know how I found this, but likely from our friends at The Browser that wonders, in a friendly and non-academic way, how scientific discoveries “happen.” Do you know how things dry? How a toilet works? How to figure out the volume of this shape?

As a homeowner, I think I can answer the first question adequately; I can make a stab at the second based on my lingering high school physics knowledge; and I have no clue about the third, having gotten a D- in trig, if it even is trig that you need for that answer.

The Gas Mask Analogy Lives On

The content below was originally paywalled.

Our friend David Katz takes the “Ozempic as Gas Mask” analogy to an ever better place in this piece at his LinkedIn site.

And Now … Football!

(Note: If I’m to comment on the NFL, I need a few likes here.)

Thinking about…

Tyreek Hill

Some observations: In my lifetime, the most exciting pass receivers I’ve seen have been Jerry Rice and Tyreek Hill; I get why the Chiefs had to let Hill go, but I wonder if they’d be averaging 50 points per game if he was still there. (On the other hand, what the Chiefs gained in draft capital and thus defense can’t be undervalued and, except for yesterday, they’ve won most of their games on defense. I can’t get over the feeling that Mahomes is only playing at 80 percent, not because of injuries but because he knows they can win without opening the throttle all the way, as they did in half the game yesterday.)

Lamar Jackson

When I think of all the teams that more or less suck because they don’t have an elite quarterback, and when I think that Lamar Jackson was on the open market, I have to think that either: a) a lot of owners are just plains stupid; or b) there was some collusion going on. The Browns may not be the best team in the league – far from it – but they don’t seem to be suffering as a result of Deshaun Watson’s big contract; they’re suffering because he’s not as good as they thought he was. Whereas Lamar is every bit as good as everyone thought he was.

Those Pats
Last thing, and as I said if you want more I can give it to you now that the season is heating up: I hate the Pats, and have since they were formed. But I was happy to see them win yesterday (I guess I hate the Bills more) even though probably half their fans were like, “OH NO, there goes out number one draft pick.”

See you next week.