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“Live” With José Andrés and Mark Bittman!

Published November 30, 2023

A touching and funny interview from a recent Chicago Humanities Festival event

Photo: Chris Kousouros

A few things from us today, but no Marksisms — Mark has been busily working on Community Kitchen this week, which is super exciting, and today interviewed someone wonderful for the podcast. We’ve got a great recipe for you, though, from José Andrés’ new cookbook, The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope (note: all author proceeds from this cookbook will be used to support WCK’s emergency response efforts), plus some notes from Mark about his recent interview with José at the Chicago Humanities Festival (which you can listen to here), and some suggestions for a couple more organizations that are worthy of any dollars you feel like parting with (adding on to yesterday’s list). And tomorrow, Kerri is writing about all things microwave! — Kate

Food With Mark Bittman: José Andrés at the Chicago Humanities Festival

What can one say about José Andrés? I’ve known him since somewhere around 1990, and I used to travel to DC fairly regularly and I ate at his restaurants a lot and we’d hang out — memorably, with the late Michel Richard. I also did some work with DC Central Kitchen, an organization that, José notes, changed his life and led to the inception of World Central Kitchen.

José & Mark at the Chicago Humanities Festival in October. Photo: Kate Bittman

I’m ecstatic to see José’s rise in his work for humanity through WCK. He’s a terrific guy; he’s super fun and funny; he’s really a great conversationalist. So I’m very happy that we were able to record my recent conversation with José with the Chicago Humanities Festival in October — thanks to that fantastic team for the recording! It was silly, and poignant, and enriching in many ways, and now you get to listen to it. And keep reading for a recipe from The World Central Kitchen Cookbook — Karla Hoyos’ Creamy Curry Pasta. — Mark

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Photo: Designecologist on Unsplash

While we’re on the topic of World Central Kitchen, we somehow left them out of our Giving Tuesday list of deserving organizations to donate to. Let’s remedy that now by saying — donate to World Central Kitchen!

Another organization that deserves mentioning is FoodPrint, which we’ve talked about before.

Your “foodprint” is the result of everything it takes to get food from the farm to your plate, and, of course, many of those processes are invisible to consumers. And FoodPrint, the site, and its accompanying podcast, What You’re Eatinghosted by the talented Jerusha Klemperer, aims to do just that, to make those processes more visible, while keeping our sense of pleasure about food alive. The hope is that with that visibility will come action. It’s hard, at least in our insular food world, to find many more organizations more worthy than that to donate to.

Photo: Kristin Teig

And finally, Karla Hoyos’ recipe for Creamy Curry Pasta. – Kate