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Mark talks with one of the most multitalented people in food Before Covid, Mark met…


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Mark talks with one of the world’s most likeable guys about his work on and…


When Salad Feels Like a Treat

A classic dish, for lunch and dinner

This Retro Recipe Lives on Because It's Easy and Tasty

Plus, peanutty goodness, and a three-bean salad gets the soup treatment

How I Learned To Cook

Five questions for Dr. Eve L. Ewing: our debut column on cooking journeys

My Dad Is Mark Bittman and My Son Is a Picky Eater. What Now?

I just needed a teacher, and it’s not who you’d think.

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Pasta Primavera and two dinners that lean hard on legumes

Learn How To Adobo Anything

The Minimalists return with Holly Haines showing Kate Bittman how it’s done

The Underappreciated Gloriousness of the Frittata

The go-to for Kate Bittman and Sam Irby could not be easier

Cheese Frittata

Two years ago, I wrote an extremely embarrassing love letter to author Samantha Irby. After a surprising response and to cut a long story short, we became friends.

We’ve bonded over many things and the one thing that we are completely aligned on is Frittata. It’s THE go-to for us: what we make when we truly cannot imagine cooking and when we just feel like the medley of whatever we have in our fridges will go exceptionally well with eggs.

Want To Save Time? Stop Rolling Your Meatballs

Spaghetti with drop meatballs, hot and sour black beans, and chicken with ketchup

Let's Talk About Fail-Safe Recipes

The ones you go back to again and again

What's The Gift That Keeps On Giving? Cookbooks

Here are our favorites right now

Cheese Quesadillas

Cheese Quesadillas

The key to successful quesadillas is to resist overfilling them. Too much cheese makes them ooze all over the place; too many other ingredients and the cheese can’t hold the two tortillas together. That said, few hot dishes make better — or easier — use of little bits of leftovers. Here’s a base recipe that’s delicious as is, but ready for your add-ins.

Odette Williams' Funfetti Vanilla Cake